Demystifying AWS Fargate

Apparently, AWS Fargate is a technology for “running” your containers. You provide an image and tell a few things about how you want it to be run and Fargate will get it done for you. You don’t worry about cluster, nodes, patching nodes, scaling, etc. That’s the 30 seconds overview. But there is more.
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ASP.NET Core 2.0 Apps on Kubernetes in Google Cloud Platform (Google Kubernetes Engine)

The official instructions for deploying ASP.NET Core app on GKE is available here. So, why this post? If you are like me, you will want to do all the development in Windows using Visual Studio and want to finally deploy the app in the K8s cluster. So, this post shows doing most of the work through Windows command prompt. Of course, some of the manual steps shown here will be part of the CI/CD process in a real project.
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