OWIN and Microsoft Katana 101 [Kindle Edition]

Happy to announce the availability of “OWIN and Microsoft Katana 101 (Kindle Edition)” in Amazon.

OWIN and Microsoft Katana 101

This short book is for .NET C# developers who are curious about the Open Web Interface for .NET (OWIN) specification and Project Katana and want to learn more. The ecosystem of OWIN-based components is undoubtedly the future of the .NET framework-based web development. As a pointer of things to come, Visual Studio 2013 creates references to the Microsoft.Owin.* packages by default, for most of the ASP.NET project templates. The objective of this book is to introduce you to OWIN and Katana, the middleware goodness, and hopefully betters your understanding of OWIN applications.

My sincere thanks to Chris Ross, Developer, Microsoft Katana, for providing valuable feedback on the content and answering all my questions with utmost patience.


A bit of History and Context
Creating the Obligatory Hello World Middleware
Hosting on a Custom Host (Console Application)
Hosting on IIS Using the ASP.NET Request Pipeline
Strong-Typing the Hello World Middleware
Chaining Middlewares
Conditionally Running Middlewares
Implementing Middleware as a Separate Class
Adding a Response Header from Middleware
Reading the Request Body from Middleware
Reading the Response Body from Middleware
Using a ‘Framework Middleware’ (ASP.NET Web API)
Composing Your App from Middlewares
Using the Built-in JWT Authentication Middleware
Creating a Custom Authentication Middleware
Using Stage Markers
Adding Middleware to Existing ASP.NET Application
Injecting Dependencies into Middleware
Testing OWIN Applications


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